Jesus Saved My Soul.mp3

I can always remember being annoyingly loud and over-the-top, causing my older sisters to roll their eyes uncontrollably.

Not much has changed.

Just kidding. Slightly.

God has done, and is continuing to do, a work in this here lady.  And besides the fact that my sisters still have plenty of other reasons to roll their eyes at me, I have grown into a 30-yr old woman who is learning that not everyone needs me to tell them what I am capable of...ah, it has been a hard lesson for me.

Maybe that is why this venture of sharing my music, and thus my photos, and these words about me, is incredibly hard.  I can assure you that I'm much more comfortable these days being the Jamie in the kitchen, or the Jamie at the school table, than I am the Jamie on the stage.  However, I do thoroughly enjoy getting to sing and play music, so I am grateful for the  platforms which are enabling me to do just that. 

I sang around as a young kid, but clearly remember my music teacher not being impressed with me in grade school.  I think it was probably around the age of 13 that my ability to sing became apparent.  I learned to accompany myself on piano and guitar and mostly just sang in church, although I do have some rather interesting karoake memories at some interesting venues that will forever bring a grin across my face.

Sure I wanted to make it in the music business, but life started happening, and the best way I can describe it is my sin, and the consequences for it, kept me from being in the position to chase that dream...pretty much God kept me home long enough to replace the desire to "get out" with the desire to be my home's keeper. I had my Ethan at the young age of 20, married the man God designed for me in April of 2003, and gave birth to our Emma in May of 2003.  You do the math.  We struggled for 5 years to figure out what the journey of parenting and marriage was all about.  Finally, we rested in God's intended desire for our lives, and I must admit, I've never been happier in all my life.  We gave up a 2nd income, a larger home, lots of little extras, lots of big extras, and yet we gained so much more.  This past January, God answered a prayer we had been praying for many years.  We are expecting our third child, Elsie Kay, to arrive in September.


I am a daughter of the Lord God Almighty.  I am a complement to Greg Buckland, and have found true joy belonging to him.  I can't imagine spending my life trying to escape the very people God is asking me to serve...thus the reasons music and sewing are just small things adding beauty to our family's journey.

I want to put music out there that encourages, uplifts, oh wait a second, this isn't Spirit FM...

Enjoy the music and the sewin', folks.

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