Are you a Proverbs 31 woman?

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, April 25, 2011
Well,I can't even answer that question!  The truth is, you should ask my husband and children.

What would they say about me?  Well, it probably depends on the day!  But, if they were honest, could their description come close to that lady who seems almost fictional to me at times? 

I began thinking about what my children and husband think of me after reading this, and within a few moments I noticed some real conviction starting to stir.

A good buddy of mine wrote
this a while back, and I'm finding plenty of opportunities to ask for my little ones to forgive their selfish mother.

Last night, after my husband and children hopped in and helped me clean up the entire house, I sat down to read me some
No Greater Joy.  I love this magazine, for so many reasons, but mainly because of the influence Deb Pearl has had on my personal walk with the Lord as a woman in this fallen world.  I want to quote a few words from the article, but encourage you to go read the entire thing for yourself.

She says...

No man wants a wife that spends her days on the couch watching soap operas or reading romance novels. A wife who is a phone chatter, Web-surfer, or text message gossiper is really a loser. These behaviors sap a man’s hopes and dreams. 

A man knows that his smart, hard-working, industrious wife reflects well on him, and she brings a lot to the marriage. Regardless of what kind of man he is, a husband will find great satisfaction in the fact that his wife is self-motivated and hard-working. 

This is so true in my marriage.  As harmless as it may be, my husband does not like to be around me if I'm talking on the phone, texting, or on my laptop!  Some may say that is silly, and he needs to grow up, but the truth is, Greg really likes my attention when he is around, and he doesn't want to share it with things he feels are frivolous.

This has meant me closing my computer almost completely in the evening and on weekends, and putting my phone on vibrate when he's home, too.  I don't blame him, or think he is being controlling.  I think it's pretty flattering that my hubs likes me so much he wants me all to himself!

Saturday night we had decided to do an 
Easter bonfire, and we ended up roasting hot dogs and just hanging out for a while.  Yesterday he mentioned that he wishes I was outside with him every evening.  And it's true, he does wish for that!  Can you imagine?  Most men joke about how they go to the garage to get away from their woman, but I have a man who desires me to be out there with him.  The truth is, if I'm not out there with him, I may be sewing a project, or I may be on Facebook or reading blogs, and laying on the couch getting some "me" time after spending all my energy on the children for the day. 

But that isn't fair to him, and honestly, it leave me feeling like something is off...and it is.

I've found myself feeling pretty emotionally out of whack here lately.  My sister and father have started joking about how I'm definitely not myself because things that would have never bothered me before are eating away at me, and it is so true!  But, what am I doing to protect myself from these situations?  Um, not much.

But my husband is definitely on the lookout for me.  He is reminding me to not take too much on, to not volunteer for things that will wear me out, and to keep my distance from situations that could stir up drama.

My husband doesn't deserve my emotional leftovers.  And even though he is my rock, it doesn't mean he should have to be constantly encouraging, picking me up, and coddling me.  He deserves some time with a fresh, smiling, unburdened Jamie, as do my children.

I loved
this article I read a few weeks ago.  It reminded me of how much my husband really does care about what I'm doing.  So often women feel like their men only care about food, sex, and sports.  I want to say grow up and get to know your man!  I guarantee he cares about much more than that, and desires a woman who cares enough to figure it out. 

What does all this have to do with Proverbs 31?  Well, in an attempt to be who God wants me to be, a huge part of that is being who Greg needs me to be, and who Emma needs me to be, and who Ethan needs me to be.  Yes, I matter to others, but if Greg, Ethan, or Emma are sacrificing for me to do other things, I need to ask the Lord to shine His light on my path and show me what needs to be let go.

After all, this guy is worth working to keep happy! 

I'm off to fix him some supper including a yummy dessert and his favorite strawberry lemonade. 

Hope the links help encourage you as they have me.

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