Did she sing the words she made up?

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Friday, October 22, 2010
Just got back from singing for a great group of peeps at Tamarack, a room full of ministers were gathered together for a Pastor's Appreciation dinner.  It was fantabulastic.

On the way there, I had asked Greg, in front of the kiddos, what songs I should do.

When we got home, as I was rushing to get into my comfy sweats and out of my skirt, I hear Emma asking Greg,
"What songs did Mommy sing?"

"She sang 2 beautiful ones!", says my attentive husband.

"Did she sing the one with the words she made up again?"

It made me laugh.

Look for a weekly post on here as I work at transitiong from bucklandmoments.blogspot.com to just blogging here.

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