Finally Saying Yes

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Saturday, February 23, 2013
I honestly do not know if anyone will see this, much less read it, since I am not friends with over 700 friends in the present moment, but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway.

Elsie is napping.  Emma is playing a new multiplication app on her Kindle, and the men are working on the new home preparing for our move that is just 20 days away.

I attended an Information Meeting this morning for Classical Conversations, and have spent the last hour getting some things mapped out online for our new Beckley Campus.  Sorting through my thoughts for this new venture is what inspired me to try to quickly, yeah right, get these thoughts out of my brain and out into existence.

Just after I became pregnant with Elsie, I began ridding myself of irons in the fire.  I really went from saying yes to lots of things, to saying no to almost everything.  I simply wanted to sit back and soak up that season of life.  I did, and it was good. I said yes to directing an Improving Birth National Rally on Labor Day last fall, and with all that went into it and surrounded it, I was reminded why I was thriving by saying no to things. I got so good at saying no that I didn't even anticipate the thought of directing a Beckley Campus for Classical Conversations when I first started hearing about it.  I told myself, "Someone else will rise to the plate.", or, "I am fine with driving to Lewisburg, so I don't think we need a Beckley Campus."

Then when I tried to picture Ethan being in class from 8:30 through 3:30 next year, and me having the girls there in Lewisburg, I just entertained the thought, "What if I said yes to a Beckley Campus?"

First day of CC 2012

It was weeks of back and forth, and my gracious friends were alongside as I rode that out.  Weighing my options back and forth, I finally felt like I just needed to do it.

And for right now, I am very glad that I said yes.  Check back with me in the fall to see if I still feel the same way, okay?  :)

So this morning I scarfed down a bowl of cereal, ran a straight iron through my hair quietly to not stir the sleeping babe, only to sneeze loudly and need to nurse the little suckling, then grabbed bags and rushed out the door.  I picked up a good friend and enjoyed some chatting on our way to the meeting.  Then I got to sit and sip coffee as I was reminded about the Classical Model and how much I have come to believe in it.  It was encouraging for me to listen to my friend Anne share details about the Classical Conversations program and simple reassurance that we are where we need to be with our children's education.

It was very good.

I hope to learn the balanced dance of yes and no.  Have you learned it already?  Is there hope for that lost art?

I enjoy the quiet, but this rowdy girl is far from being content without a little noise.

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