IGNORANCE : Who's Responsible?

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Friday, September 16, 2011

Why is it so many people run from controversy?

I believe I've ran from it here lately because I don't have the energy, or the desire, it takes to really handle it.  And I'll admit, there has been some controversy that I needed to ignore because it simply wasn't my place to even be involved...but there has been some that I could have, and possibly should have, shared some truth on the matter.  Why didn't I?

I strongly feel that there are controversial topics that need to be discussed more often, and I for one am so thankful that I have some quirky people in my life whose influence has been so beneficial to me over the last few years.

There are several lifestyle choices, opinions, convictions, and ideas that I have now that I once thought were so darn weird.

If those who I consider like-minded now had held their choices so privately, only sharing if asked, I guarantee I would have not been nearly as impacted as I have been.

So - a shout out to those who have educated me, informed me, talked to me, shared with me, and not been afraid to make me question my current choices.  I thank God for you.

If someone is ignorant on the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water every day to ensure proper hydration, whose fault is that? 

If someone is ignorant on the consequences of smoking cigarettes, whose fault is that?

If someone is ignorant on the effects of eating McDonalds 3 times a day for months, whose fault is that?

If someone is ignorant of the lifestyle of homeschooling, whose fault is that?

If someone goes to buy a new car, and is ignorant of the horrible safety and production ratings it received, whose fault is that?

Really, who is responsible for one's ignorance?

How many times have you been enlightened, educated, informed, and even empowered, by knowledge your were once completely ignorant of?

It happens to me daily.  God's word has a lot to do with this, because honestly, there is a lot of things about my story with the God almighty that leaves me searching for more answers.  My research leads me to passages I once understood completely differently, and ah, the work of grace overflows and I am so thankful for His completing process at work in me.

Some things aren't so much spiritual as they are flat out practical, or they may be a good mix of both spiritual and practical!

That is how I feel about a lot of things that I may be passionate about that can be deemed controversial.  And I know many people think we should just let our lives be our testimony, let us be known by our fruit, and that will speak in and of itself.

That may be with some things...

But it really isn't with a lot of things.

Some things need to be shouted!  Exclaimed!  Advertised!  Marketed!  And then, once informed, people can make their own decisions.  My problem is people making decisions based on false beliefs, misinformation, or mostly, true ignorance.

Who was responsible for my ignorance when I gave birth to Ethan and Emma?  I really don't know! 

But I can tell you I don't want to add to the prolonging of ignorance about pregnancy, labor, delivery, birth, afterbirth, and newborns that I myself have so long been guilty of.

I want to help educate women JUST LIKE ME, who were ignorant of how all this works, and that may benefit from the information.

In doing so, many will argue, "Yeah, but I wasn't treated that way in the hospital, and I had a great natural birth experience there."  To which I say, "Good! That's what I want to hear!  Unfortunately, that isn't true for everyone, and I think some education could do us all some good."

Some will argue, "As long as the baby is healthy, I don't see the big deal?"  Well...ah, it is a big deal. It just is.  And if you choose to educate yourself on the topic, I would think you'd soon understand.

If you are good where you are, and don't feel the need to see things any different, and don't really care about the information, then well, none of this matters to you anyway!  You feel you have no need for the information, and I am glad you feel you are making all your birthing decisions knowing the full ins and outs of all your options. 

I just know I wasn't, and I feel there have been books, DVDs, my fabulous midwife and supportive friends, videos, articles, and then lastly,
this movie, that helped me to really see things in a better light.

I just want to share that information with others.  I don't want to be responsible for ignorance, and I'm not saying I'm this bright and shining light in a world of darkness, but yes, I feel that I have a midwife and some great friends who can say they have helped educate me, and they have helped play a roll by sharing their knowledge.  I want to do the same for others.

I just know I don't want to be seen as Dr. Lisa in
this clip, and you shouldn't either.  In the the part 2,at least Rikki kind of gets to speak...but you still get the drift.

What I plan to address in the next post is why I personally feel that the hospital would be a bad choice for me this time around, and why I think that birthing in my home is definitely a BETTER choice for me.  Lord willing, this experience will be blessed, and we'll not have to transport, however, if that happens, I want it to be because it was necessary, not because of fear of what could possibly go wrong.

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