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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, December 13, 2010
In an attempt to be different from the world, I think sometimes we abandon our first love.

While setting under biblical teaching yesterday, I heard her husband speak on that first church in Revelation who got scolded for leaving their first love, Christ.

It made me think of so many of us Christians, who in an attempt to be different from he world, take the 180 approach, only we don't necessarily check our new coordinates against the Word.

You know what I'm talking about, all you All or Nothinger's out there.

We don't want to be associated with the parents using Cartoon Network filthy cartoons as babysitters, so we make TV the devil, cancel cable, and frown upon those weaklings who pay a bill to Suddenlink every month.

Now - small disclaimer here, we cancelled cable last year, loved it, and could do it again, or, could not do it again, that's not my point. The point is when your flesh has convinced you that you're better because you've rid yourself of Cable Television, and you view others with contempt.

We don't want to be associated with parents who drop their kids off to anyone willing to watch them, or even worse, a daycare, so we shelter our children only using a sitter if absolute necessity and end up stifling our children's ability to enjoy new surroundings without us by their side.

We don't want to be associated with work-a-holic moms who have left the rearing of the children over to nannies and stay-at-home daddies, so we lose ourselves in the thought that our men can't watch the kids for an evening out, or if we see a friend treating herself to a day at the spa, we frown at her self-indulgent behaviors.

We don't want to be associated with emotional religions that determine who God is by how they are feeling, so we keep our hands down at the parts of the song that sings, "We lift up our hands!", or we hold back just a little when people talk about real healings, or ask for the laying on of hands in prayer for those who are really sick.

We don't want to be associated with the commercialism, spoiling, wastefulness of the world's Xmas, so we correct people for saying Happy Holidays, tell the kids there will be no tree, there will be no caroling, there will be no celebrating Jesus' birth on a date that doesn't even factually add up.  Oh, and we frown when we see Santa in the mall, or even worse, our friend's kids get their pictures taken with the dreadful Satanic man in the red suit.

We don't want to be associated with spoiled housewives who spend frivolously, waste bountifully, and shop constantly in order to fill a gaping void, so we don't buy ourselves new clothes EVER, we quit getting our hair done at the salon, we dare not invest in good skincare, and we frown if one of your mom friends stands strong that she isn't interested in couponing. 

We don't want to be associated with fake food, you know, meals out of a box or drive-thru dinners every night, so we make ourselves grouchy trying to fix June Cleaver meals every night forgetting that June didn't have to drive Beaver 20 minutes one way to soccer practice 2 nights a week.

We don't want to be associated with families who take advantage of the public education system, so we make public school satanic, and become the Pharisee eyeballing the tax collector with contempt when we're out to lunch on a Tuesday and someone asks us if the kids were sick today and got to skip school.

We don't want to be associated with undisciplined, unproductive, homeschoolers who are always playing and never working, so we have our kids on a schedule that only allows fun one Friday a month from 3:10 to 3:25 to play Scrabble.

Come on people! Wake up! Are we swinging so far the other way that instead of achieving the goal of not being associated with these scoundrels, we've become a religious scoundrel that no one would associate with Christ?

Let our lifestyles be holy. Yes! Let them!  Choose godly ways, pray for His discernment that you will be set apart from the world, but don't take your eyes off Christ, and place them on yourself, all the while fooling yourself into thinking you're doing it in the name of God.

If He is our first love, we'll be able to make wise decisions for our families, and live a life set apart by His grace, not by our power.

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