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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Saturday, January 15, 2011
Hello All!

Me n Moomoo, AKA Emma, have been sewing quite a bit here lately.  My hubs has purchased me a new machine, so Emma has inherited my old one.  She's ready to make her very own first project with her machine, and I'm ready to help her, this is where you come in!

To get our business a little more exposure, we have decided to do a giveaway for $50 towards handmade goods from Me n Moomoo Sewin' Shop.

How do you enter?

It's simple.

Go to the Me n Moomoo Sewin' Shop page of my site, scroll over all of our listed items.  Pick out which one you think is the coolest, or one you would like to own!  On your Facebook page, attach a link to the sewin' shop with this message attached :

I was browsing over at the Me n Moomoo Sewin' Shop, and came across - insert your pick for the coolest item here - , They are doing a drawing for a $50 giveaway on Saturday the 22nd! You can enter, too! Visit Jamie's Blahg at for details!

Once you've attached that to your page, notify me by commenting here on the blog, or sending me a message via Facebook.  I will put all names in Emma's cutest new hat, and let her pick the winner next Saturday!

So what if you don't win, all those who enter will receive 10% off any orders now through Valentine's Day, and FREE SHIPPING!

So, don't delay go over to the Sewin' Shop, browse around, link to it on Facebook with attached message, and then give the me the heads up!

Thanks to all our supporters :)

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