Monday Morning Meditations

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm in the comfy two-seater chair that has became my spot here in my humble abode.

This is where I sit.  Always.

It's almost 10am, and I've got a few things to do before heading off to the gym for a spin class and some toning. The black BeautiControl coffee cup to my right is almost full, but so am I.  So, I decided I didn't need to finish it since it is just what happened when I decided to top off the first cup.  That first one was good 'nuf for me.

Emma just got up about 10 minutes ago.  Ethan is hunting with Pawpaw.  Greg left for work almost 2 hours ago, and I've been able to sit, sip, read, research, design, and just be.  Nice.

In my sitting, my legs have proven to be much more sore from my swimming Saturday than I had imagined.  For those unaware, I swam a 250 meter leg of a triathlon as part of a team.  It was great.  I plan to do all 3 legs in January at the next one, and start my training today.  Thus the need for the noon spin class.

In my sipping, my coffee has proven to give me a good wake up and great Facebook conversation.

In my reading,
Ann has proven to give good insight.  And this has proven to give good wisdom.

In my research,
this has proven to give good confusion.

In my designing, my website has proven to be something I need to plan to "tend to" maybe once a week.   Too time consuming to try to fix it up this morning.

In my just being, I have realized I'm hungry.  I have a busy day ahead of me.  There is singing to do, sewing to do, cooking to do, cleaning to do, but first there is snuggling to do. My Emma, whose head is the only thing popping out from under an Americana quilt given to us by the in-laws, is looking way too cuddly over there.  I must close up this laptop and get in some Emma time.  After all, she may be wearing a purple, "I'm the Big Sister" shirt, handed down by niece Raven, but she is my baby.  And today I am grateful for that.

Newtimer?  Feel free to look back at the last few years of my thoughts

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