Mother's Day 2011

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, May 9, 2011
I started this Sunday evening, but had major projects to do around the house, and hubs was ready to help!  So, I'm just now getting back to it.  I just want to take a minute to share about what it has meant to me to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother of 3.

Some may say, wait a second, you have 2, and one on the way...isn't it jumping the gun a little to count this last one?  I beg to differ.  Wouldn't us pro-lifers argue that life begins at conception?  Well, let me tell you, this mama is counting this life that I've prayed for and desired for the last few years!  So, I'm a mother of 3, and will find out this Friday if my 3rd born is a boy or a girl!  Yes, we had once thought we would wait til the baby's birth to find out, however, the reality of preparing for this bundle has settled in, and I feel it is asking too much on my sanity to wait!

I heard a good message Sunday morning about my job, and my husband's job, as parents to these young, vulnerable, sinful children.  As a mother, what am I investing in Ethan, Emma, and soon will be with E---, that is helping to form them into the adult they need to be?

Let's make a list, shall we?

I swim a lot with my kids.  They are both extremely comfortable in the water, and I can let them go to the deep end, or even snorkel in an ocean, without real concern for their safety.

I have taught Emma to read.  This has allowed her to increase her knowledge on many subjects by reading about them.  She loves insects, animals, and anything about nature.  I wasn't nearly as disciplined in teaching her to read as I should have been.  Everytime she reads, I am reminded of God's grace that covered this area.  In my inability, He blessed my humble efforts and grew her knowledge.  God is so faithful.

I have taught Ethan a variety of math skills.  This has allowed him to grow very confident in every day life experiences when adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, measuring, and estimating.  If we only have 20 pieces of candy and 5 cousins to share with, Ethan can handle distributing the candy fairly.  He can now make our laundry detergent on his own.  He cooks, bakes, and has helped his dad with building projects.  All of these things are easier for him because of his ability to do math well.

We have encouraged both of them to play sports, practice hard at that sport, and show respect to others while playing.  Greg works extremely hard with Ethan at football, basketball, and baseball.  I have spent hours in the pool with Emma working on different strokes and her technique.  I have never been confident in my athleticism, but these kiddos are being given an opportunity to do just that.

Our home now has 1 piano, 3 guitars, a violin, a recorder, a harmonica, and a lap harp.  We sit down to have jam sessions every now and again, and they are some very entertaining songwriters.  My hope is they'll have an appreciation for music, good music, that will help them see God's glory in the art of it all.

We have taught Ethan and Emma about the beauty of a modest woman.  We have taught them that there is no higher calling for a woman than to be a wife to a godly man, and a mother to the children the Lord blesses her with. 

My husband works hard.  I mean, he really works hard.  From daylight to dark, Greg is rarely caught resting.  Well, unless we are at my mom's on a Sunday after lunch...he's dead asleep then!  But he has taught them that you can't have anything without working for it.

We have taught them quite a bit from God's word.  We study it at home on a regular basis.  I pull in verses as I'm lecturing them about behaving better.  Ethan can even recite the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Emma can do a lot of them.  Aren't you impressed by now?

Good.  Now, can I tell you what else I have taught them?

I have taught them both to treat each other with disrespect and sarcasm when frustrated or hurried.

I have taught them both to argue with each other, and to argue well.  I have taught them how to argue authority and how to pridefully boast when they are right.

I have taught them both to disrespect their father.

I have taught them both to be discontent with life when they aren't entertained.

I have taught them to indulge in things that make them happy. 

I have taught them to choose laziness over productivity.

I have taught them to value things over relationships.

I don't know the last time my kids saw Christ in me.  I don't recall the last time I let them see me making a decision that spoke truth to their little hearts. 

But I know I was rude to them today.  I know I lost my patience with them. 

I know a lot of us work at keeping our kids healthy, right?  We want to give them natural foods, watch the eating out, and make sure they drink water.  We take them to the doctor, we get them a flu shot, and all their vaccinations are up to date.  We wouldn't dare let someone expose them to second-hand smoke every day of their lives, and would rush to intervene if someone was feeding them something we had just found out was causing food poisoning in others.

Yet, what are they being exposed to that has an effect on the health of their spiritual life?  Every day I'm exposing them to my selfish ways, and the effect of that is apparent.  I get SO frustrated when I see them acting like me! Yes, you heard me right, when their sinful flesh copies my sinful flesh, I have been known to scream, slam doors, and stomp my feet.  I don't have to teach them disrespect and brattiness as I teach math and reading, their sinful flesh is hard at work helping me teach those lessons.

I'm blessed they don't slam doors, stomp feet, or scream, but as they mature, how will they show their frustration?  How am I teaching them to handle it?

Look, I'm not boasting about my kids being athletes, smarty-pants, or well-behaved, I'm saying I invest lots of time and energy in them being athletic, smart, and well-behaved...probably more time in that than in praying God will renew this mind and enable me to share Christ with them on a daily basis.

I've said this before, and so has my wise sister, when our babes are adults, what matters most?  How well they can play ball?  How well they can read or spell?  How well they practice good manners?

Or if they know, and are serving, Jesus Christ our Lord?

I can do lots of things for my kids, but I can't do this on my own.  Only the Lord can open my children's hearts to see Christ.  But I can be praying and seeking Him in His word so that they have something to see in me.  

I pray for myself, and parents around the world, that we would be awakened to the responsibility of preaching the gospel to ourselves daily, and to those we have been blessed to disciple.  I pray that He enables us to hand down our faith in this fallen world.

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