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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Saturday, November 30, 2013
The tea is hot, and every other living thing in the house, including the poodle, is sleeping.  Well, they were.  The young man has now invaded my quiet morning, and the voices of Harry, Ron, and Hermione are interrupting my train of thought.

Washing machine is washing, bread is rising, and the sunlight is peering into the living room windows as a beautiful reminder that a full day is ahead of us.

It has been one week since I deactivated my Facebook, one week since the quiet started to seep in.

We celebrated my niece turning 18.

We decided it was time to actually housebreak our dog and officially make her an inside pet.

We survived the first real snow accumulation, and I even found a little friend as I washed a mound of dishes. Do you see him?

We shared a day of thanksgiving with my husband's family.  The absence of his mother was hard, and the fact that we are just a few weeks away from the anniversary of her passing is harder.

We dove into the massive mess of Christmas decorations that belonged to our home's previous occupants, and were left as an added bonus with this house.

The boys put together two train sets found in the massive mess of Christmas junk, only to realize that one was broken.

Today we have plans of hauling off an old dishwasher, picking out, chopping down, and bringing home a fatty of a Christmas tree, and doing a number of projects around the house.

For those the least bit interested, I was encouraged last year around this time to take a break from the distraction of Facebook.  I found that being disconnected was really good for this old gal who struggles with her attention span. So once our homeschooling tutoring classes went on break for the holidays, I decided to give myself another break from the book of faces.

Greg absolutely despises Facebook, and rightfully so.  It keeps me connected to conversations, situations, and opportunities for complaining more than I can maturely manage.  I have grown up quite a bit since last year's break, and realized some ways to help myself not be too wrapped up in things that simply do not matter as much as the life that is going on here right here on Egeria Rd.  But no matter how much I grow up, when I read something that hits a chord with me, and that makes me want to educate someone on a different view, it is hard to just move on and let it go.  Passion is good, but for me, it can sometimes be a poison.

I will be back.  I will need to be connected for the simple fact it is easier to keep up with different social circles and activities that do add great value to our lives, but it won't be until I have thoroughly soaked up this little hiatus.

So why type this up and come back for a day to share it?  Because Facebook is also so amazingly wonderful that it has allowed me to reconnect with dear friends, it has helped develop beautiful relationships with new friends, and last year when I went away, I realized many people thought I had deleted and blocked them! ha

So happy holidays to you all of you, and should you find yourself encouraged by my absence, I say give it a try for yourself!  If my sarcastic sense of humor, the fact that I admit quite a few of my shortcomings, or the fact that I am always ready to advise you on how to breastfeed or how to avoid unnecessary interventions in birth, are traits of mine that you just can't get enough of, come see me here.  I plan to attempt a blog post, or two, over the break.

One last thing...a big part of this break is going to be spent working on DIY projects to continue creating a space here in this home that whispers "Buckland" in every corner.  While using Pinterest to help bring me ideas and inspiration, I stumbled upon this blog.  Considering her last post, I realize I am not the only one who finds peace in getting away.  Beautiful inspirations on her site, you should definitely check it out!

Until we meet again,


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