Planning for Christmas 2011

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Okay, so Christmas came and went, and I had promised I would get a link-filled blog together after Christmas...promises, promises.

I'm at home with my Emma while her daddy has her brother at his basketball game, so I thought I would quickly, and without much effort, get this together for those who may possibly care!

Okay, let me start by saying that we seemed to have found a happy medium between this, and this, if that makes ANY sense of all.

This lady helped me to find some balance about gifts, and reminds me of balance concerning MANY other things on a regular balance.  And then there was this gal that was a great reminder to add some simple beauty around the house, and to keep the baked goods yummy for the holidays!

This year I made some gifts for family, purchased some gifts for family when it just made more sense, and was able to pay for all of our Christmas expense with profits from our sewing business.  Pretty cool, eh?  I learned a lot about running a mad-to-order business at Christmas, which won't do me much good this year since I'll probably not get anything made unless it's before September!  But, I'm thankful for the experience and must say I thoroughly enjoyed the month of December...minus 4 days that were really stressful...and besides, my baby was conceived at the end of December, so couldn't have been that bad, huh?

Okay, getting sidetracked here, the main goal of this post is just to encourage you to put some time into planning for the end of this year.  Are you going to set a budget this year?  Are you going to ease up on stress maybe unnecesary financial restrictions are causing and just enjoy it a bit more?

I hope however you decide to spend your December 2011, you are filled with a peace in knowing that Jesus Christ came to this earth so that grace may be given to all of us humans incapable of any goodness on our own, and for that, we should celebrate!

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