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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, September 19, 2011
So it's true, in case you've been questioning it for any length of time, I am human.

Prideful to the core, flawed thinking at it's best, inferior at much, and ill-equipped to handle a host of tasks.

I want to be sure I am covering my bases here, as I surely do not want to run pass them in a hurry to make my next valid point, and I do not want my readers to leave here feeling as though I'm shaking my finger at them for the method in which their babies were brought into this world.

I am not here to bash hospitals, doctors, nurses, their education, their protocol, or their system.  I am, however, asking women to research, question, and educate themselves regarding all of the above, and be informed on the options available for their pregnancy, their delivery, and the care of their newborn baby.

I personally think there are many women, much more humble, stronger, and better able to handle a natural birth in a hospital than I am.

Over the last few days, there has been plenty of heated back and forth between myself and a close friend on Facebook regarding my choice of birthing at home.  I don't blame her AT ALL for not supporting me in this decision, but I do hope the controversy surrounding the topic has some people researching for themselves.  They may find that they feel much more comfortable with more of a "safety net" mentality of birthing in a hospital, and then as I've said, they should definitely not be birthing at home!

However, there may be some who want to birth in a hospital, but want to know why it is being suggested they get induced before the 42 week mark which is considered "past due".  Or what drugs and methods will be used to induce.  Or what really happens to their body, and the baby, when pitocin is administered to help get things going.  Or what happens to their body, their labor, and the baby when an epidural is administered.  Or what happens to their body, their labor, and their baby if the epidural slows down labor, and pitocin needs to be increased. 

OR - why it is mandatory an antibiotic creme is placed in a newborn's eyes even if the mother doesn't have an STD.

Or - why their babies are given a rather large amount of Vitamin K in a shot to help blood clotting.

Or - why their babies are vaccinated for Hep B at birth.

Or - why the cord is clamped prior to the baby receiving all of it's blood supply.

Or - why the mother isn't always given time to naturally contract out the placenta.

There are a host of things surrounding the hospital's system that MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU WOULD REALLY CHOOSE for you or your baby, shouldn't you know about them?  I don't care what you decide after you know, but I do care that we are going into this process ignorant and when education happens, and people decide they don't like the hospital's system, they are flagged as being risky for not following medical advice.

Have you ever heard someone say their labor stalled?  So, the doctors suggested pitocin to help "get things going".  Do you what often stalls labor?  A woman feels watched and is unable to honestly open and relax to allow her baby to pass into, and through, the birth canal.  I myself got to an 8 and was stuck.  Now, Emma was posterior which was playing a roll in it, I was flat on my back which also played a roll in it, but I also wasn't exactly feeling my environment was encouraging relaxation. 

I read
this articleyesterday, and found it incredibly helpful to think about!  This video may help you visualize what she's talking about as well.  Although I'm sure, if informed and prepared, you can ask that the hospital respect your wishes to be left alone as much as possible, but I personally hadn't ever thought about this being part of the disruption of labor.  I want every single contraction to count and be doing it's job, I surely do not want interruptions to be working against me.

I started on this post Sunday afternoon, and am finishing it up here Tuesday as the kids are doing some schooling.  On Sunday, I'll admit I was still wrestling with whether or not I'm creating a circus with being vocal and open about this whole process.  We stopped by Joann Fabric for me to get supplies to make my sling and nursing cover, and as I was checking out, the lady said, "Wow, looks like you're halfway there, huh?" I chuckled and said, "I guess you could say that! I have a week or so left."  I explained she is now my new best friend and I seriously love her.  She laughed and handed me my bag, then as I was literally walking away, she asks, "So, are you planning a traditional hospital birth?"  And my first thought was, seriously, I'm going to have to defend myself here in a store...I should just say yes, but where is my toughness now with no computer screen? So as graciously as possible, I replied, "No, we're actually planning a home birth this time around."

Her eyes lit up and she shared with me she's attended 3 home births, her best friend is a midwife, her daughter does billing for home births, and she just bathed me with encouragement, respect, and sweetness.  I told her how thankful I was that she had inquired about my baby's birth, and that I was walking out of there feeling much better than I had walking in, all thanks to this stranger's encouragement.

Now, I'm not saying that was a sign from God that I should keep blabbing, because frankly, I just don't think it was.  I'm not sure if blabbing is doing more harm, placing more guilt, or making more women feel inferior, and so I am left to question myself daily.

I am getting several messages from friends who are appreciating all this blabbing.  Women who are feeling informed and sharing their own stories of how their babies were born with me, and how they really do wish they had known more of this then.  So, I guess another part of opening yourself up to controversy is praying for humility in knowing how to put information out there in such a way that those needing it, can be receptive to it.  I surely do hope I'm not failing as miserably at that as I have been known to do in the past.

Alrighty, so let's laugh shall we?  Homeschoolers, get your kids out of the room or they'll be annoying you and you'll be screaming over your shoulder to stay away like I was!  But I want you to watch
THIS and then THIS, and know that you've been warned they are not kid friendly :)

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