Quiet is Good

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
It has been brought to my humble attention today that some of my pals from Facebook have been looking for me, and have therefore stumbled upon my blog in an attempt to check in on me.

After realizing I didn't even have my correct email address on here, I thought it may be time to check in with the world and say a quick hello.

On a chilly November Friday morning, while scrolling through the News Feed, I simply felt anxiety.  I felt anxious over posts, comments, things being shared and discussed, and I questioned why I even had a Facebook account anymore.  I actually just wanted to quiet all the noise it had brought into my life.

So I deactivated it.

And what did I find?

Quiet is good.

We were busy with Greg's mom being sick.  We were busy trying to sell our home and fix up the new home.  We were busy with school.  We were busy being married.  We were busy.

I couldn't justify my time wasted scrolling through Facebook when it mostly brought me down.  It wasn't even that I felt like I spent too much time on Facebook, it was just that the little amount of time I did wasn't fun anymore.  I have found myself to be much happier without all my 700 and some friends.

Imagine that.

So I have learned to properly tell folks that I am not old enough for Facebook, and by that I mean I am simply not mature enough.  I'm not mentally stable and gracious enough to have constant strife in my daily existence that simply isn't necessary.

So for those who really do care, I'll give you a brief update on what is going on with ol' Jamie Buckland.  And then tomorrow, I will again deactivate my account and go back into my quiet where I have become so comfortable.

Last September my family embarked on a new journey with homeschooling.  We began meeting with a Classical Conversations campus in Lewisburg.  Every Thursday we pack our lunches and head to Greenbrier County to enjoy learning with pals from the Coolest Little Town.  Ethan and Emma have thoroughly enjoyed this welcomed change, and I have seen the Classical Model really enhance our schooling.  It has been an all around positive experience.

It is because of those very reasons that I have decided to direct a local Beckley campus.  We are having informational meetings over the next few months, and I encourage anyone who is the least bit interested to contact me.

December 14th at approximately midnight, my husband's mom took her last breath.  I have written about her before, and just typing this up is bringing quite the lump to my throat, but I want to share a few things. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when my husband was just 9 years old.  After her services, we helped my father-in-law clear out and sort through some of her belongings.  We found so many things from Greg's childhood that she had kept.  There were quite a few little quick lines she had lovingly written down to commemorate her son's firsts.  She had journaled in not just one, but two baby books.  There were his locks of hair from that first cut.  A folded up piece of paper that was what Greg thought was surely a remarkable acing of a test turned out to be, in her writing, "your first F."

Kathy hadn't been able to truly communicate with a real conversation in years.  In the weeks leading up to her passing, we had some truly remarkable moments of conversation with her.  God is so good.  Greg and his pops are holding up pretty well.  We all know had she gotten over that last infection and rallied back, her quality of life would have not been of much quality.  His grace has sustained us through this all.

Our current residence has went under contract, and we are set to close around the 15th of March.  The ride has truly been up and down, but the work is coming along nicely on our new farm house, and we are excited to take up residence there.

Ethan started travel baseball practice tonight, and we are definitely excited to watch the boy play some ball this spring.  He has grown so much, thinned out, and now scares me a little bit with his hairy underarms and deep voice.  That is all so new and strange.  He started taking guitar lessons at the School of Harmony back in December, and tonight he debuted Amazing Grace.  I was totally impressed.  He can definitely pick a melody much better than his mother, and it warms my soul to see him playing my beautiful Aria guitar.  We are on track to wrap up his 6th grade year in August, and move straight into 7th grade in September.  The older he gets, the more serious I am taking his education.  That is good, right?

Emma is also taking music lessons, but her instrument of choice is currently piano.  She owns a guitar and a violin, and plans to move on to one of those in the future.  She is coming along quite well, and I am trying to get used to the sound of constant pecking on the piano.  Emma competed in her first ever horse show in the fall of last year, and did an outstanding job.  We do hope to some day fulfill her dream and have horses grazing on our 5 acres...maybe some day. 
Emma will finish up 3rd grade in August, and with plenty of review, she will be ahead of the game when she begins 4th in September. 

Elsie Kay is almost 17 months now and has quite the mouth full of teeth.  Walking, talking, destroying, spitting, spilling, breaking, messing, kissing, hugging, patting, smacking, screaming, crying, napping, laughing, grinning, singing, clapping, climbing, and discovering pretty much sums her up these days.  I do hope that God has plans of blessing us with one more little Buckland in His timing...I just pray that it isn't in like 2013 timing.  Ya get me?

So that is what has been going on here.  I do miss hearing updates from so many of my pals, but the honest truth is, I just like my days better without Facebook.  I was amazed at how many people really thought I had deleted and blocked them!  I promise I haven't!  And from time to time, I will pop in to say hello to some, but until then, quiet is good.

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