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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, January 2, 2012
One thing I hope to find time to do in this year of 2012 is run my mouth just a little bit more.  Not.  But I do hope to work out my fingers on this keyboard a little bit more.  I miss typing my thoughts out, however, I do have an idea for the blahg that I have been pondering that may help me keep it up without being overwhelming.  I do hope it comes to fruition soon.  We shall see.

Anyway, so that I do not have to put thought into my typing, I shall kick this year off with "Random Thoughts", and in turn, will ask that you read my random thoughts and give me some of your own, deal?  Deal.

Why can't Ethan fix Emma's oatmeal so that I can stay under my blanket and behind my laptop until Elsie wakes up?

Shouldn't a mother be responsible for fixing her child's breakfast?

Yes, this is the battle of good and evil in my head these days.

I really need to decide on what pictures I want to display in my home, get the frames that I need, and get them hung up.  That was what I said I was going to do over the weekend.  I didn't.

I need to stop wanting Pepsi and stop drinking pop.  I'm pretty sure this will always be a thought for me.  I love pop.

At night I make plans of how I will stop drinking pop and will work out.  After having a good night to sleep on those thoughts, I wake up and decide I was just tired and not thinking clearly.  Staying out of shape, with a full belly and being comfy under my blanket is more like it.

I used to have a cleaning lady.  It was nice.  I want another one but wouldn't want to be responsible for waking up and being "at myself" to let her in to do her job.  Especially if she wanted to do her job before noon.

We start back to schooling today.  Kids are less than thrilled.  Glad I'm doing such a great job of making school fun.  Winning.

Elsie fussed a little and fought sleep for the last few days even though I had no caffeine.  Could it be teething?  I don't know.  We gave her tylenol last night for the first time and she drifted off into a deep sleep.  At 4 am, when I was convinced I had drugged her to her death, I gave her a little pat on the back not to wake her, but just to ease my mind.  You other moms know what I'm talking about, don't you?  And how does this always end?  A live baby who wakes up ready to nurse :)  God is good to this fearful soul.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a guest post by Emma Rae that was written while spending the night with my parents a while back.  Hope you like it.

hi...my  name is emma...iam 8...my  dad   is a  good   mAN..he loves me..

i love  him...my  mommy  loves  me.too,i  love  my  mommy...

at   my house it is  good...i  like  cats  and  dogs...my  mawmaw

and  pawpaw   love  me too.


now, let me tell you (the bad news first) about my brother Ethan, and then i'll tell you the (good news, second) about :baby sister, ELSIE!


 Some days are good  some days  are  bad. With my   brother   ethan.  He is nice to me sometimes and looks out for me.  Other times he can be a real stinker!



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