Posted by Jamie Buckland on Monday, May 16, 2011
I shall share some random thoughts that have crossed my mind lately.

Wow, I wonder why I didn't start this new chore system sooner?

Will these headaches continue on til the end?  Is it really hurting the baby for me to be stressed with headaches?  Why won't any medicine even touch the pain?

This water makes me feel pukey.  Will this water really help this headaches?

I need to sew today.

I need to school today.

I need to clean today.

I need to grocery shop today.

I need to read the word today.

I hate that I thought of reading the word after all those other thoughts. 

Last Sunday, we went to Sams right after church.  We saw several young ladies, older ladies, young moms, dressed in flashy, low cut, short skirted, sexy sandal outfits.  Greg asked me if I thought they actually went to church like that.  I nodded yes.  He expressed his disgust and I thought how, but for God's grace, and for the fact that I'm rather large at the moment, I would dress the exact same way.  Wonder if they have anyone in their family who will shed light on their immodesty?  Hope they take it better than I did...I was such a brat.  Still am such a brat.

Why does Greg put things on my ironing board as he comes in the door as if it is a permanent shelf? 

I'm hungry.

Emma really is fun to have around.  Wonder if her little sister will be anything like her?

So glad Ethan got a good hit yesterday at baseball.

It makes me sad that kids are picking on Ethan's teammates at school about them being last in the league.  I am thankful Greg and I get to be the bullies in this school.  I think we are fair bullies, just mean enough.  He's went from being called No Hitter, to Big Swinger, to Little Hitter this week.  He takes it so well.  I'm glad he's fun to pick on.  I almost wish he were in school so he could totally bust some kid in the mouth of they picked on him.  That is bad, huh?

Enough for today.  Need to think less and do more.  Head hurts.  If anyone reads this, I hope they comment with a thought they had today.  Ya know, something you wanted to post as a status update, but then erased.  Yeah, post it here.

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