Sometimes, even I'm just too tired to talk...or type.

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yeap.  It is true.  Sometimes, actually a lot of times here lately, I'm just too tired to hold conversation or type out conversation.  Small talk?  Yeah, I might be able to handle it.  But the typical "hold nuttin' back" Jamie has been on a retreat for a while.  Which brings us to this post at the wee hours of the night when I'm unable to convince my large body to go into a sweet slumber.

I think sometimes people who are passionate about certain concepts, ideas, opinions, or even lifestyles get labeled as judgmental, harsh, close-minded, ignorant, bigoted, or even bullies.  And then they also get grouped into a class I personally do not agree with at all...argumentative.  Examples of topics that could be grouped into debates for this class could be, music choices, entertainment choices for the most part, discipline, medical care, family traditions, financial choices, or even the path of education you choose for your children.  These are areas that I truly believe someone can be totally passionate about and help educate and influence other people for the BETTER, and then there are times when it really is just okay to disagree on how it all fleshes out.  Those who have witnessed my cases when I've debated Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, flu shots, Santa Claus, homeschooling, or child training, I would have to classify them in this category.  Room for there to be another side other than mine, but just being passionate enough that some may come to see a worldview different from their current one.  Now, sometimes, it may mean that neither side is "right" or "wrong", it may mean our different stories have led us to different beliefs...BUT...

It also doesn't mean that in every area I think they can be right, and I can be right, and we have nothing to learn from one another. I may really think I am right, and someone else is wrong.  And in a lot of instances, I've learned that I WAS DEAD WRONG, and they were right!  But hey, I guess I'm a weirdo that thinks THAT IS OKAY!  Sometimes you need to be ALL ABOUT something, sometimes you need to be passionate about a cause, and sometimes that may mean people will be offended by your stand.  This never means I think someone is not a Christian because they don't see things the way I see them.  This never means I think someone is stupid for not seeing things the way I see them. Sometimes, it just means I think they are wrong.  And guess what, it may mean they think I am wrong, too.  And hey, again, I'm okay with it!

You see, in other times, these same people may be coming from another avenue, one I think is far different from the above-mentioned, yet it seems many feel is just the same.  And that is when one has been impacted and changed by the Holy Spirit in such a way that their eyes have been opened, they have been given wisdom and light that has shed on their own sinful nature, and this process has brought about conviction.  This group should be passionate about their convictions, and at times, actually lots of times, it may mean that they will take a stand that brings about disagreement between brothers and sisters in Christ.  There should be room for this in God's church.  There should be room for convictions to be discussed without emotion, simply with sound doctrine, and bearing in mind that as believers, no one is casting judgment on another's salvation, simply trying to encourage the same growth in other believers that Paul did so long ago.

I think more often than not we are comfortable grouping these latter situations with the first because then we can write it off as being sinful and judgmental...ya know, go get that log out of your eye before you want to call me down my brotha'.

I know I'd like to do that sometimes.  Just hold onto my ugly sin a little big longer and act like you're a self-righteous bigot for trying to help me see my shameful wretchedness for what it is.

However, God doesn't exactly call us to respond that way, does he?

Now, this is where it will get hairy, mkay?  So get ready...I am warning you with a sweet smile and a warm heart.


Examples of this may include the complementary lifestyle of a man and a woman, that includes the roles, and the very vocations, of who and how men and women were created to exist on this planet.  This may flesh out a few different ways, and there may not be a certain formula, but there definitely seems to be LOTS of room for controversy here when I say that the majority of our families, in the church, are seeking their own will without first considering what God's will was, and still is, for the dynamic of the family.  Along the same line, is the role of men and women when it comes to their vocations in the church body.  Their role in teaching, their role in serving, their role in evangelizing, all very important roles, but there is room for us to be different...yes, even if Galatians is telling you that we both can receive salvation, Paul wasn't telling you we both can now breastfeed our newborn babes.  We were perfectly created for different roles, and although our sinful nature makes that harder sometimes, it doesn't change what God intended. 

The way this very earth was created, and the way Adam and Eve came to be, and the age of the earth, these are all very real doctrinal issues that I wouldn't choose to entertain different opinions on.

Political candidates and their stand on abortion and when life begins, and how it will end, would fall into this category as well. 

Throw religion out here, it has no place, God's grace is sovereign and should be upheld as such.  With that being said, we are born with an inherited sinful nature and cannot ever be good enough on our own to gain a rightful standing with the Lord.  When we find ourselves asking why bad things happen to good people, we need the gospel preached to us.  For there are none good.  We should be asking why does anything good, why does anything favorable, happen to such a worm as I.  False religions, false teachings, and false doctrines should be called out for being what they are.  We cannot earn salvation, neither can we be good enough to "keep from losing it". 

Plenty of self-help books, and plenty of heretical teachers such as Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinn, Paula White, and many more you can tune in to on the good ol' telly most days, have found that this isn't exactly the most profitable doctrine to share.  Therefore, many of our men and women are being influenced by false doctrine vs truth and the state of the faith in our families is making this all very apparent.

Now, what happens when I say abortion is wrong, and therefore we choose not to cast a vote for a political candidate who is not obviously Pro-Life.  Why, I get called out for being judgmental, right? 

What happens if I said a woman should teach younger women to love their husbands by being his lover, his friend, his help meet, and to love her children enough to let them and their daddy be her main focus in life, and that she had better stay away from gossiping and wasting her time in drama of life, and that she should be busy at home so that the word of the Lord wouldn't be blasphemed?  I'd get told to come on down from my high horse and see all the good women do in the world, right?  I mean, you may honestly feel like I am insane to be saying that! 

To be honest, I've gotten to discuss some things from the first category, and some things from the second category, in the past 2 years.  Sometimes on Facebook, sometimes via email, sometimes face to face, and sometimes people have heard one thing I've said and made up their own description of who Jamie Buckland is never minding that they've attached characteristics to me that were simply exaggerated.  Now, had they saw my heart during some of those times, they could have attached descriptions much worse than what they gossiped about.

Pride at it's best has driven me at times, I'd be a liar and a fool to try to say my fight is always motivated by the Spirit.

However, I'd be doing a disservice to the work of the Holy Spirit if I tried to downplay the passion He has stirred in me to share my convictions on some of these topics as well.

Why do I care so much? Well, the real answer would have to be that I feel really blessed to have been given the conviction that I have now.  I feel blessed to read God's word, to be taught God's word, and to be living out this life in a way that is easier, and is  flat out better, than it used to be.  I feel blessed to be a child of God who can focus on being a wife to Greg and a mother to these babes, and when the distractions of our culture come whispering their sweet nothings, I feel blessed to be grounded in His word and His promises.  I feel blessed that the world isn't pulling me from my vocation because God reached down and touched this heart in such a way that showed me my ministry is here.  I need not roam.  I need not be discontent searching for the next retail therapy peace is here.

I see women struggling to juggle with guilt and it makes me sad.  That was me.  Had there not been women rooted in God's wisdom to share with me, I'd still be there.  I believe the Lord used their passion to help guide me on this journey...and in many occasions, I've had the blessings of women telling me I've helped them on theirs.

But often, I've had many take offense to what I have to say.

If this is you, if you read this and are taken aback by my straightforwardness, shall we talk?  Granted, you may want some time to gather your thoughts, and that is fine, I'll be a tad preoccupied over the next few weeks.  But let's talk.  Voice to voice, and hopefully face to face.  Please know that I'm not here to cast judgment or shame or guilt, rather to encourage you to seek Truth.  Just let me say this, if you know that you know that you know that I am wrong, and I am sharing convictions that are flat out false teachings, don't go and gossip about me to your friends!  If you want to talk about it, talk about it with me, eh?  

Maybe you have some light to shed on my ignorance?

If I've offended you in the past, please, please, come to me.  Give me an opportunity to ask for forgiveness for causing you hurt or stress, that is never my intention.  But again, please do not seek justification by discussing it with others instead of with me.
Okay, all of this is coming from a place that had to be shared before I wrote another post, or tried to share what is going on with us right now...I'm not looking for arguments folks, sometimes I just want to share what I'm thinking or experiencing and it is met with such harshness, I feel like I'm the one being bullied!

Ah, such a long one.  Exhausting.  Hope those who read this receive with the same Spirit in which it was written.


Oh, and one last thing.  If you disagree, strongly disagree, or even mildly disagree, don't feel like you HAVE to tell us, ya know?  You may just think, hmph, she's got it wrong, and go on about your day.  OR, you may want me to know you think I have it wrong, and THAT IS OKAY WITH ME!  Just know that I may not respond, I'm losing my drive that makes me worry or fret over responding all of the time.  Unless, you ask me questions, in that case, please know, I will take the time to resond...eventually! ha, but to be honest, I'm putting out there where I am on my journey, and I'm not exactly looking to argue or debate really, I'm putting it out there for those who are maybe hearing God's voice calling them a different direction and are needing someone to help share these convictions. 

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