When the lights go down in the city...

Posted by Jamie Buckland on Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Tonight at a homeschoolin' mom's night out, one of our mom's shared an excerpt from a book I'm just now going back through, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.  She shared about how some moms just laugh off, or simply shrug off, being night owls.  They may stay up late blogging, reading blogs, researching homeschool blogs, Facebooking, SEWING, or watching some TV.  But when the morning comes, they are tired, feeling rushed, and grouchy.  Martha gives us a good encouragment here, get rest.

My hubs is a great helper in this area.  I've had times in the last few years where I could be tempted to be a night owl.  But, he makes it clear he likes me to be in bed when he goes to bed.  Typically, the latest he is up is 11:30, which it just happens to be 11:30 right now, so I'm going to rush this next little bit.  He's watching the end of the news and reading his new ESV.  But there are times when I'm up til 1 or later finishing up a sewing project, and I used to scramble my way out of bed at a decent hour most of the time, but there were times when I was lazy, just as she says in the book, and I needed to be reminded to get in bed!

Anyway, mornings are tough for me.  Over the last year, I found one thing that helped me get out of bed.  Breakfast.  And not a breakfast that comes out of a box, but a breakfast that requires a mom's discipline of rising early to see it is made.
Not buying cereal, and not buying pre-packaged food gave me the umph I needed to get up, fry eggs or make biscuits, and get our days off to a good start.

Most of my readers know I will turn 8 weeks prego tomorrow, so early rising is getting harder for me.  I'm feeling very tired these days.  And I must admit, we started buying cereal again a while back, and all of our tummies are feeling the effect of the carbs vs the protein in the AM.

I know this is a season of life, and I'm trying to not feel guilty about not rising early to have biscuits and gravy ready at 7am, but I do hope some of the remedies other moms have shared help me to feel more together in the mornings.

This all started because at night, I am so hopeful.  I've been like this for as long as I can remember.  At night, I plan in my datebook.  At night, I write my hopes in my journal, my hopes of where I'll be in a month.  At night, I take a deep breath, soak in some of God's word, and say tomorrow will be different.  When the lights go down in the city...I feel as though I can handle tomorrow.

But then tomorrow comes, and some may start off as I had planned the night before, but right now, most do not.  Most don't even come close!  So, I become discouraged, and the fear of being a worthless, lazy mama, and wife, start to find their hold.

A few minutes ago, I told Greg I had high hopes for tomorrow, I was going to put crackers by the bed, to snack on before getting up, and hit the sack.  And I do hope it helps, but even if it doesn't, I'm praying for confidence in this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in me, He shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Can you name that verse?  One of my fabs...

I'm praying for confidence to rest in knowing that I'm not defined by my worse day.  Mothers, friends, may you be confident of that, too.  Guilt and pride are ugly sins...thinking I'm capable of doing it all, or wallowing in guilt when I'm failing, they are both fruits of my flesh.

Tonight, I pray for a good morning tomorrow, and as my husband is asking me if he has any clean pants...well...I'm sure he is praying for that, too.

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