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Posted by Jamie Buckland on Saturday, September 17, 2011
Okay, so as I ended yesterday's post, I promised my next would answer those who feel you can labor naturally without any difference, and it be much safer, in the hospital.

Didn't think I'd be up before 8am doing it this morning, but here goes.

These are MY personal reasons why I would prefer to birth at home over birthing in a hospital.

#1.  I want to labor and deliver with a water birth.  I called and asked the hospital.  I was told this was not an option there.

#2.  I want Elsie's cord to remain in contact until it stops pulsating.  This is not common practice in the hospital.

#3.  I do not want to turn down drugs.  I do not want to be offered drugs.  I do not want the temptation of drugs.  I want to be in control of my body and mind throughout the labor without that being a thought.  If I were to labor in the hospital, it would not be the case FOR ME.  It would be a distraction that wouldn't be productive for the way I hope to labor.

#4.  I want to move when I want to move, walk when I want to walk, get on all fours when I want on all fours, and push out my baby in a position comfortable to me without being attached to monitors.

#5.  I don't want Elsie taken from me in the moments that God intended her to be warmed by her mama's very own skin.  I want her on my chest, in my arms, getting kisses by her daddy for as long as we want!  Again, with the cord attached, I'm talking up to 45 minutes of just pure enjoyment of her arrival.

#6.  I don't want to be distracted.  This goes along with the drug issue, but is much more than that.  Everything I'm studying and researching is explaining the zone the mother goes into and how the body works to naturally deliver the baby and placenta.  Every time she is distracted, by noise, by light, by anything, the process can be interrupted and regression can take place vs progression.  Um, no thanks.  If I'm gonna work my tail off to get her here, I'd rather not work double time just so hospital staff can do their job.

#7.  More to do with distraction...I do not want to have to ask to be in charge of the direction of my labor.  I do not want to have to explain.  I do not want to have to feel the need to express why I may, or may not, want to do things a certain way.  I do not want to argue my case to anyone.  I want to labor and deliver on my terms.  Now, many will argue this saying I'm exaggerating, but we all know that the hospital has it's protocol, as it should, and they have good reasons, they think, as to why they do things the way they do.  This is about Elsie coming into this world, and honestly, I don't want to make it about a story of me changing the hospital's system in order to deliver her the way I want.

#8.  I'm not sick.  This isn't an illness.  This isn't a problem that needs fixed.  I'm engineered, Elsie is engineered, to naturally carry out this process.  I do not want any intervention, including being "checked" to see where I'm at every hour.  IF there is a medical emergency, I feel super confident that my midwife, by her close supervision, will see the signs and we will transport to a hospital.  Ya know, the place you go IF you need medical intervention, not the place you go for fear of needing medical intervention.

#9.  We're getting close to the 10th reason, stick around, I promise it will be a good 'un!  There is no reason to believe I need a hospital, or it's wonderfully trained staff, in order to bring Elsie into this world, not one reason.  So, why would Greg and I plan on paying over $3000 more to get her here in a hospital?  We are a single income.  We are being practical.  Does that mean the life of my baby girl is worth a monetary amount?  Of course not.  It simply means we are practicing good financial discernment in a major decision in our lives.

#10.  Notice how I'm not defending with statistics?  Please know there really are numbers out there...real numbers.  Of babies, mommies, daddies, brothers, and sisters, whose life on earth ends while in a hospital.  Sometimes, at the hands of the hospital.  HOWEVER, I'm not here to fight fear with fear.  I'm not worried about what COULD go wrong at the hospital anymore than I am what COULD go wrong here at home.  I'm not going to ignore all I've learned about this process just to go somewhere to deliver this child JUST IN CASE.  Some may call that risky, and that may be your sincere opinion, it just isn't mine.

So, there you have it.  Now, for many of you, those reasons aren't good enough and you would feel safer in a hospital.  Well, ya know what?  Then you should deliver in a hospital!  I'm not here to say hospitals are bad, or birthing in a hospital is all bad, I'm here to say it isn't the experience or environment I want for Elsie's long-awaited arrival.

My midwife was here last night, and I'm measuring 39 1/2 weeks, if that means anything :) My original due date would have been this coming Tuesday, the 22nd, and the next one they gave me was the 27th.  So, any day now, or 3 or so weeks from now, she should decide it's time to get the ball rolling.

God is sovereign.  We are praying for blessings over this joyous time in our lives!  Join us in celebrating a third child we thought we would never have!  Greg and I really could not be more excited to be planning to welcome Elsie Kay into our arms right here in our very own home.

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